Our History

From our founding in 1945, Woodland Lakes has operated with a firm commitment to serve. Today, WLCC serves the region as a four-season regional resource that is financially supported by individuals, private organizations, and Christian churches.

Our story began in the early 1940’s when the young people in the churches of Clermont County decided to create a place for social and spiritual benefit during the summer. The group originally met at Camp Allyn, near Amelia, OH, where only one week of camp was offered the first year, but the time was received so well that plans were made to establish the camp as a permanent organization.


The second year expanded to include two weeks of camp, and gradually multiple weeks were held each summer. Young people from 14 to 25 were included in the programs, and the cost to the campers for the first week of camp was $3.50.

In 1945, nine co-operating churches in Clermont County purchased a 65-acre farm known as the Kroger Rest Farm for $10,000. Part of the farm was located across the road from the present grounds, but was sold several years later.kids

The Clermont Christian Assembly operated the camp under the name of Lakeside Christian Service Camp, and the summer program was called the Pioneer Christian Service Camp. Eventually, a number of churches from the Cincinnati area began renting the campgrounds for a few weeks each summer. The camp operated in this manner for many years and a local minister was usually appointed as a volunteer manager to make sure the facilities were prepared, supplies were ordered, and publicity distributed.

In 1968, the two separate camps made the decision to merge, and the present Clermont Christian Assembly, Inc. was established to do business as Woodland Lakes Christian Camp and Retreat Facilities.kidsoldshelter

Today, nearly 40 congregations in the tri-state area support Woodland Lakes. A wide variety of camping and retreat programs are provided each year: the months of June, July, and August are reserved for 10-12 weeks of summer camp programming, while camps from one day to a full week are offered to children ranging from four years old to twelfth grade. Aside from the regular camp schedule, Woodland Lakes hosts a High School Retreat, Scrapbooking Retreat, Golf Scramble, Summer Camp Kickoff, 5K Trail Run/Walk, Day at the Lakes, Middle School Retreat, and Seniors Day to round out the camp offerings.

The churches also use the grounds for their own retreats, picnics, swimming parties, youth activities, banquets/dinners, wagon rides, and bonfires. In a typical year, about 1500 young people will participate in our summer activities. Many thousands of others will be involved in weekend activities in the fall and spring. We believe the best part of our camp story is how many young people through the years have dedicated their lives to the Lord at the camp.

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