2020 Summer Camp Schedule

We are excited you have decided to attend a camp at Woodland Lakes!  Click on the Camp Week for more information.  If you have any questions concerning the registration process, please call the camp office at (513) 797-5268.

Be sure to join us for the Summer Camp Kick-Off on May 30th.

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Base Camp

Program:Ages/Grade:Date:Dean:Regular Price:Early Price:
Thru April 30
Day Camp 1 4-6 yrs. old7/18Sheila Miller$35$25
Day Camp 2 4-6 yrs. old8/01WLCC Staff$35$25
Starter Camp Entering 1st-2nd Grade7/17 - 7/18Sheila Miller$85$70
2nd & 3rd Grade CampEntering 2nd-3rd Grade6/10 - 6/12Shannon Hogan$160$135
3rd & 4th Grade CampEntering 3rd-4th Grade6/07 - 6/10Brian Richard$190$160
4th - 6th Grade CampEntering 4th-6th Grade6/28 - 7/03Tammy Leonard$300$260
5th & 6th Grade CampEntering 5th-6th Grade7/05 - 7/10Jai Haulk$300$260
Junior High GirlsEntering 6th-9th Grade Girls6/07 - 6/13Melanie Moore$335$295
Junior High CampEntering 7th-9th Grade6/21 - 6/26Aaron Adams & Jimmy Maupin$300$260
Junior High DisicipleshipEntering 7th-9th Grade7/26 - 8/01Brian Schreiber & Jimmy Ranshaw$325$285

Family Camps

Program:Ages/Grade:Date:Dean:Regular Price:Early Price:
Thru April 30
Family Weekend 1 All Ages7/03 - 7/05Matt Robinson$65/person
(3 & under free)
(3 & under free)
Family Weekend 2 All Ages9/04 - 9/06Andrew Johnson$65/person
(3 & under free)
(3 & under free)
Overnight Experience (with Parent) 4-6 yrs. old7/31 - 8/01WLCC Staff$60/child
Mother/DaugherEntering 2nd-6th Grade6/05 - 6/07Ginger Johnson$75/person$65/person
Father/SonEntering 2nd-6th Grade6/05 - 6/07Andrew Johnson$75/person$65/person
Parent & Teen Extreme Entering 7th-Graduation6/11 - 6/14Andrew Johnson$300/person$260/person

Experiential Camps

Program:Ages/Grade:Date:Dean:Regular Price:Early Price:
Thru April 30
Junior Outpost Adventure Entering 4th-6th Grade6/03 - 6/06Brett Coker$190$160
Middle School Outpost Adventure Entering 6th-8th Grade6/14 - 6/18Brett Coker$275$235
Junior High Outpost Adventure Entering 7th-9th Grade7/05 - 7/10Brett Coker$300$260
Senior High Outpost Adventure Entering 9th Grade-Graduation7/19 - 7/24Brett Coker$300$260
Junior High ExtremeEntering 7th-9th Grade7/12 - 7/17Andrew Johnson$325$275
Red River WildernessEntering 7th Grade-Graduation7/26 - 7/31Ron Vance $340$295
Senior High Wilderness Entering 9th Grade-Graduation6/19 - 6/23Tim Becker$340$295
Be CreativeEntering 9th Grade-Graduation6/21 - 6/26Shawn Young$300$260

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