5th & 6th Grade Camp

Dean: Monty Eastman
Check-in: July 8 @ 6:00pm
Parent Pick-up: July 13 @ 5:00pm

A popular attraction nowadays are ESCAPE ROOMS.  Several people enter a room and have a time limit to search the room to find clues and solve puzzles that will help them figure out how to escape the room.  The puzzles can be easy or challenging.  Sometimes the group solves the puzzles, finds the clues, and makes it out in the nick of time!  Other times, they are stuck, the time expires and they fail the test.

Our lives can sometimes feel like an ESCAPE ROOM.  Each and every day we are faced with temptations.  Sometimes, the temptations are easy and we can pray or read God’s Word to find the clues we need to overcome it.  But most of the time, the temptations we face are challenging and we end up giving in and we fail the test.  This week will focus on temptation and how we have a GREAT ESCAPE.  God has promised us that He is always with us and that He will give us the power to overcome our temptations – God has already planned The GREAT ESCAPE.

Each day, there will be an Escape Room-type challenge that our Families must complete together to find a clue to help them discover the theme of the day.  These daily clues will help us learn some important truths about temptation as we discover The GREAT ESCAPE that God has planned for us.

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