Be Creative


Dean: Shawn Young
Check-in: June 18 @ 6:00pm
Parent Pick-up: June 23 @ 5:00pm

Experience a week of improv, role playing, problem solving, and arts as Be Creative comes to Woodland Lakes! At the core of a BeCre week is a freestyle environment where every camper has a part in telling a story, and the story unfolds and changes based on what the campers make of it.

The theme for BeCre 2017 is “CAPITALIZE.” Remember the scripture with Philip and the Ethiopian?  Acts 8:30 says that Philip ran to the chariot.  He didn’t just walk; he didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He saw a chance, and he took it.  He CAPITALIZED.  With that in mind, our campers will spend their week as part of marketing teams in a cutthroat lemonade stand challenge.  It will take clever ad campaigns and cunning business strategies to come out on top as they offer their product to the other campers and staff on the campground.

It’s impossible to tell you exactly what to expect from a week of BeCre. But if you want to know what it’s like to participate in trash can drum circle worship, eat lunch in 4/4 time, plan a wedding for sock puppets, or just witness imagination and scripture coming together in huge ways – then give Be Creative a chance!

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