Junior High Camp

Flight School

Dean: Aaron Adams & Seth Millhoan
Check-in: June 17 @ 5:00pm
Parent Pick-up: June 22 @ 5:00pm

When Jesus came to the world to show us how to live he spoke of a vision of unity. His ideas for the church were for us to live as a united body under his authority. As we look at the world today, it’s important for us to realize the divine nature of our connectedness to each other through Christ. Jesus is begging us to stop thinking of ourselves in an individual nature and instead to think about our strengths through community.

What would it look like if Christians truly bound together as a body in a world that wants to divide us? This is a just one question that is sure to stir up others as we endeavor to tackle the tough cultural issues of our time. During this week of camp, we talk about Jesus commands us to work together for the benefit of His Kingdom. We are all parts of the body, made uniquely to team up with the Lord to try to find answers to these questions and come together so our friends know Jesus.

Join us as we celebrate community, strive to love our neighbors, and learn to lead in the unique way Jesus calls us to do.

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