Junior High Discipleship


Dean: Brian Schreiber & Jimmy Ranshaw
  Check-in: July 9 @ 5:oopm
Parent Pick-up: July 15 @ 10:00am

“I want to know God.”  Ever found yourself saying something like this before?  What would it take to know God? – reading the Bible and prayer, right?  That is what we would need to do, but to be honest I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of them.  I guess that knowing God is more about a relationship than a formula.

So, this deeper week of camp will help us learn and practice the life of prayer.  We will start by how we approach God.  Then we will look at how we pray – requests, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, and seek God’s guidance in our life.

Sometimes our vision of God becomes blurred (out of Focus) and we need corrective lenses to help us see Him clearer.  Whether we are far-sighted or near-sighted with our approach to God, you count on the fact that, we as His disciples, could always use an adjustment.  We want to help each other to become FOCUSED with the living, active God.  This week we will be challenged to speak honestly and openly to God.  We will help guide each other to draw us near to Him.  Come and use a different lens to help you view God more FOCUSED.  God hasn’t moved – we have.  Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will SEE God. “ (Matt. 5:8).  The week will be different from some of the other weeks in that it will be filled with close conversations, study, worship, fun from the stuff that camp offers and places to serve and practice our faith – both at the camp and outside the camp.  We will be challenged to grow, to pray, and to go deeper with God.  Come ready for that.

Here’s the thing we all need to know, to be more FOCUSED with God, no one has ever moved closer to God without spending a great deal of time and effort to do so.  James 4:18 says “Come near to God and He will come near to you.”  Get FOCUSED!

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