Junior High Discipleship

Death to Selfie

Dean: Brian Schreiber & Jimmy Ranshaw
  Check-in: July 8 @ 5:oopm
Parent Pick-up: July 14 @ 10:00am

Thank you, world… for the gift of better “communication!”  Our world has now provided us with the means to market ourselves, “show off,” display, and involve the rest of the world in all our comings and goings.  We all now hold our own photo cameras and television studios in our own hands.   The word “selfie” is a new word in our vocabulary now.  We show people where we are, what we’re eating, who we’re with, what we are thinking, and even where we sleep.  The word “selfie” is now added to the growing list of words that lead with “i.”  Hmmm.  It has become our new LIFE.

Yet, Christ-followers are called to die to self.  Death?  For many the mention of the word can conjure feelings of fear and uncertainty.  Although statistics tell us that one out one people die, we still avoid the topic of death at all costs.  Death…after all…is a terrible thing…or is it?  The Christ-follower has been called to pursue a daily death as though our lives depend on it.  The Bible is filled with many of these paradoxes.

-To be set free, you must become a slave.

-To be filled, you must hunger and thirst.

-We must become less so He may become greater.

-And the hardest of them all:  To live, you must die to self.

This is what the apostle Paul had in mind when he declared, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  (Phil. 1:21)  So, what does it mean to spiritually die to self?  Sounds kinda like a radical call.  Or is it more?

Join us for a week of camp where we will study God’s word daily, serve our community wholly, worship God passionately, laugh and cry with each other honestly, play creatively, and deal with this issue of “selfie” intentionally.   How can we best look at this idea of “Death to Selfie” as an honest and raw pursuit to not make ourselves the center of attention?  The journey will take a lifetime to live out and require a daily heart to observe its way of entering back in to our lives, but in the end, it will give life to caring, sharing and loving of others and our Savior, Jesus, in whom we LIVE for everyday!  May you and I find “Death to Selfie!”

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