Junior High Extreme


Dean: Andrew Johnson
Check-in: July 15 @ 6:00pm
Parent Pick-up: July 20 @ 5:00pm

Water. Our world could not exist without it. It covers our planet and fills our bodies. It keeps us alive.

Jesus knew how important water was. Maybe that’s why He called himself the Living Water. He was making a claim and an offer too good to ignore.

H2O is about the Living Water that Jesus said He offered. If you’re thirsty, you owe it to yourself to consider what He said…and who He is.

This week is designed for the student that want to make a lasting memory and have extreme experiences.

During this week we will be building and strengthening our faith and relationship with God, through experiential learning.  These lessons will be reinforced in the campers lives; as we work, live and have fun together. You will get dirty, tired and experience things that are physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging.

In 2018, activities include (subject to weather and water levels): Rock Climbing, Caving, Hiking, Canoeing, Creek Stompin’, and others activities.  Our adventures will be on and off camp, in the tri-state area for 2018.  (Students will be camping in bunkhouses and showers will be available everyday.)

Parents will be given a letter at the beginning of the week with our schedule and cell numbers to reach their child in an event of an emergency.  You will also receive a letter before the week begins to inform you of what you need to bring and be prepared for.  If you have questions about Jr. High Extreme: Contact- Andrew Johnson (937)205-7714.

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