The Woodland Lakes Retreat Center has a variety of different facilities and services available for you to use during your stay with us.  If you are interested in hosting your own retreat with us, please contact us using the Booking Inquiry Form.

Pioneer Lodge

Pioneer Lodge holds up to 121 guests, with 67 beds in our west wing and 54 beds in our east wing. There are three meeting rooms upstairs that provide space for worship and small group times. The gym can accommodate a variety of events, and is consistently used for basketball, volleyball, and banquets and meals for retreats for up to 200 guests. It also offers an indoor climbing wall.


Buckeye Cabin

Buckeye Cabin holds up to 64 guests with 4 bays housing 8 bunks beds each.   There is a common area in the center for worship and group time.


Dean’s and Nurse’s Cabins

The Dean’s Cabin includes 2 bedrooms, one full bath and a small living room with efficiency kitchen.  The Nurse’s Cabin includes 3 bedrooms, two full baths and a small living room with efficiency kitchen.


Cedar Village

Each of the seven village cabins has 12 bunk beds, enough for 24 people to sleep comfortably! The cabins share a central bathhouse.


The Chapel

The Chapel is a large multi-purpose building. It can hold up to 500 people worship style or more than 250 people at tables. It can also be used for indoor recreation.