2018 Summer Camp Schedule

Check back soon for our 2019 Summer Camp Schedule.

Regular PriceEarly Price
Thru April 30
Day Camp 14-6 yrs. oldJuly 7th Jennifer Hallgath$35$20
Day Camp 24-6 yrs. oldJuly 28thWLCC Staff$35$20
Starter 1Entering 1st-2nd GradeJune 22nd - 23rdHolly Kern$75$60
Starter 2Entering 1st-2nd GradeJuly 6th - 7thLori Conley$75$60
Parent & MeEntering 1st - 4th Grade July 13th - 14thTim Becker &
Paula Becker
$65 Child
$65 Adult
$50 Child
$50 Adult
2nd & 3rd Grade CampEntering 2nd-3rd GradeJune 6th - 8thShannon Hogan$155$125
Mother/DaughterEntering 2nd-6th GradeJune 22nd - 24thGinger Johnson$75 Child
$75 Adult
$65 Child
$65 Adult
Father/SonEntering 2nd-6th GradeJune 22nd - 24thAndrew Johnson$75 Child
$75 Adult
$65 Child
$65 Adult
3rd & 4th Grade CampEntering 3rd-4th GradeJune 3rd - 6thBrian Richard$185$150
Special Needs CampEntering 3rd -GraduationJuly 5th - 8thLori Conley$165$145
Special Needs CompanionMust be at least 16 yrs old, must be accompanying a camper already registeredJuly 5th - 8thLori Conley$60$50
4th - 6th Grade CampEntering 4th-6th GradeJune 24th - 29thTammy Leonard$300$250
5th & 6th Grade CampEntering 5th-6th GradeJuly 8th - 13th Monty Eastman$300$250
Junior High CampEntering 7th-9th GradeJune 17th - 22nd Aaron Adams &
Seth Millhoan
Junior High DisicipleshipEntering 7th-9th GradeJuly 8th - 14th Brian Schreiber & Jimmy Ranshaw$325$275
Junior High GirlsEntering 7th-9th Grade Girls June 24th - 29thMelanie Moore$300$250
Junior High ExtremeEntering 7th-9th GradeJuly 15th - 20thAndrew Johnson$325$275
Red River WildernessEntering 7th-12th GradeJuly 29th - August 3rd Ron Vance $340$295
Be CreativeEntering 9th Grade-GraduationJune 17th - 22ndShawn Young$300$250
Tennessee ExtremeEntering 10th Grade-20 yrs. oldJune 29th - July 2ndMatt Porter$300$250

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